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Get your Tax Refund now: German Income Tax Return for Expatriates in english

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Welcome to german tax return in english,

if you have worked as an expat in Germany during the last years, you are (most likely) entitled to an income tax return and a tax refund. Do you know the average tax refund is approx. 1,000 Euro? How much tax you are charged depends on whether Germany has a tax agreement with your home country.

You should get in touch with us and we will find out how much you should only pay and (maybe no taxes at all) an how big is your tax refund. Over the past 10 years we have expanded and improved our tax return service in every way to make it the best service for you. Our multi-lingual employees speak up to 5 languages (german, english, french, polish and chinese). Due to our knowledge and experience of filing tax returns using allowances, reliefs, international tax treaties and deductions from the labour codes specific to Germany, we will organise the maximum legal tax refund for you. We will provide you with an estimation of your tax refund.


Fee example for a simple annual income tax return (Steuerberatergebührenverordnung) :

Annual income tax return (an income e.g. 29,500 €) § 24 exp. 1 nr. 1 - A 1/10 = 79.60 €
Determination of the income (incomes e.g. 34,500 €) § 27 exp. 1 -  A 1/20 = 43.60 €
Sum net = 123.20 €
plus 19 % value added tax = 23.41 €
Gross fees tax return = 146.61 €

The tax return costs are mostly tax deductible.


How do you receive your annual income tax return?

  • Send us an email and you will get a checklist.

  • Send this checklist and your documents by email, fax or post (copies are sufficient, also from the tax card).

  • We send your tax return with tax computation (The tax office get the return digital.)

  • You sign your tax return and send it to the tax office.

  • You receive the tax assessment and pass it prompt to our office.

  • We will check your tax assessment. (If the tax assessment should not be correct, we can insert an objection after consultation with you.)

  • You receive the tax refund and settle my fees.


Puzzled by the tax law or which credits and deductions to take? Need assistance with your tax return? Please contact me now and I let you know how big is your tax refund.



Checklist Tax Return Germany (PDF)

Online Checklist Tax Return (german)

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